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Tsipras: 'Tourism helped Greece's national effort during the crisis years'

Featured Tsipras: 'Tourism helped Greece's national effort during the crisis years'

Referring to tourism, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that "Greece's brand name is still very strong," while speaking at the 27th general assembly of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) on Thursday evening, and added that tourism was not as afflicted by the recession as other sectors of the Greek economy.

"Since 2015 and up until now, we have managed to propel Greece and its tourism product to the top," he said, adding that the industry had exceeded the targets it had set, reaching 33 million arrivals in 2018.

The Greek tourism industry has helped dispel the image that some wanted to cultivate of Greece as a country that was "falling apart," without infrastructure, security or stability, added the premier. 

In addition, he added, "it fueled our ongoing national effort, since 2015, to lead the country out of the straits of the memoranda."

Greece's image had been crumpled during the years of the crisis, and its people were defamed by the advocates of austerity in Europe, added Tsipras, "but it turned out this was a cheap artificial construct," as he called it. 

Referring to the upcoming July 7 general elections, Tsipras underlined that "the people will decide whether we will move forward or return to the vicious circle of austerity, and a proverbial ineptitude in the management of the country's finances."

He concluded by saying "let's not forget who ruled this country when its (economic) adventures began."