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The issue of Vassiliki Thanou becomes international

Featured The issue of Vassiliki Thanou becomes international

The issue of Vassiliki Thanous and the political dispute over her removal from the Competition Commission have now become international.

The Financial Times characterizes the relevant provision of the inter-ministerial bill that will remove Ms Thanou as the "first political test" facing Kyriakos Mitsotakis "with the decision to replace the head of the Competition Commission, although se has not been charged with any wrongdoing". .

However, the Financial Times quoted court sources as saying that Vassiliki Thanou was actively promoting SYRIZA's agenda for engaging political opponents in alleged corruption scandals. The report also says that the Competition Commission researchers complained that Ms Thanou was interfering with their work. "In a letter to the Ministry of Development, 40 officials wrote that the trust relationship between executives and researchers is being undermined," said the Financial Times, citing political opposition between the government and the opposition.

The report cites the course of Vassiliki Thanou and notes that she is the only one among the 22 heads of Greek regulators to be removed from office on the basis of an inter-ministerial bill. Italso reminds, inter alia, that Mr Mitsotakis had pre-election promises to depoliticize the public administration by ending the tradition of placing high-ranking people on party criteria.

At an extraordinary general meeting, held on July 25, the Competition Committee's Special Scientific Staff complained that management was intervening in the scientific work, according to a SKAI report.

"Management is pressuring and advising members - specialists of the Directorate-General on the performance of their duties, beyond the limits set by law within the hierarchy, violating the independence of their scientific point of view," the general resolution said.

The union also blamed the Competition Commission's administration for their lack of confidence, and argued that prioritizing investigations was irregular and that there was chaos.