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Forgotten bust of Alexander the Great "rediscovered" in museum's warehouse

Featured Forgotten bust of Alexander the Great "rediscovered" in museum's warehouse

A late Hellenistic-era bust purportedly showing Alexander the Great has been "rediscovered" in the warehouses of the archaeological museum of Veria, in northern Greece.

The find was announced by head of the central archaeology service (ephorate) for Imathia prefecture, an area that served as part of the "heartland" of the ancient Macedonian kingdom during antiquity.

Taking to her personal FB page, archaeologist Angeliki Kottaridi said she was anxious to share the discovery of the bust, which she described as unknown to researchers and art experts.

The development comes after a regular "housekeeping" of the museum's stored artifacts, an acute problem for numerous museums around the east Mediterranean country, namely, not enough exhibition space for the tens of thousands of ancient and medieval objects and relics on record. A well-known example is the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, which has thousands of artifacts in storage.

According to Kottaridi, the Alexandrine bust will be on display at an exhibition to open at the end of 2020 at the new museum at the eponymous Aigai site.