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Greece on course to manufacturing its first UAV called OURANOS

Featured Greece on course to manufacturing its first UAV called OURANOS

Greece is on the way to creating its first unmanned aircraft (UAV) after the competent services approved the first stage of the certification process.

The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority announced that the first certification for  “Unmanned Aerial Systems – UAVs” has been completed by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), in collaboration with the University of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki).

The approval concerns the innovative unmanned“OURANOS”system designed and made byALTUS.

The regulations set out the procedures for matters of certification, flight safety, rights, obligations, limitations, and capabilities, but also of privacy, personal data protection, civil liability and civil protection.

The scope of the UAV certification system includes matters ranging from and related to: Photographing and filming for personal or professional use, to topographical and agricultural applications but also to the supervision of all types of installations.

This diversity creates a dynamic environment that is particularly demanding for the provisions and specifications of the Regulations.

The CEO of Altus Zacharias Sarris immediately after receiving the certificate stressed: “By completing the certification process of the ‘Unmanned System’ OURANOS we proved the potential in Greece for reliable manufacturing, development and safe operation of Drone applications, paving the way for business opportunities for companies in Greece and abroad.”