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German firm TeamViewer opens new center in Ioannina

Featured German firm TeamViewer opens new center in Ioannina

Ready to start operating in Ioannina is the German firm Team Viewer, a company that is considered to be the leading in interconnection as it has the Team Viewer the most widely used international operating system that allows remote management of one computer or server by another. For those who may be wondering what brings the leading IT companies to Epirus, the answer is: Human resources.

That is to say, the computer scientists, who are highly qualified because of the departments of the University of Ioannina but also of the University of Western Macedonia. TeamViewer has already selected the site where they be situated, is doing the necessary work and is expected to officially launch in November. The firm is already running ads for hiring specialized staff.

The site for the development of the company was found by the Ioannina vresspiti real estate agency and the owner Dimitris Kalatzoglou already received a German thank you letter for his contribution. As Mr Kalatzoglou told Epiruspost, the search for the location of the property was very comprehensive with very heavy emphasis on internet speeds.

"We did a great deal of research with company executives in Ioannina and came up with the best solution ..." Mr. Kalatzoglou stressed. Team Viewer's Greek subsidiary, Team Viewer Greece, was set up about two months ago and is currently completing interviews for the recruitment of the first 15 IT staff, which plans to double its staff in the first year and increase it to 70 over the next two years, thus investing mainly in human capital of around EUR 2 million.

The managing director of Team Viewer Greece Mr. Philipp Deutscher, in an interview with GrTimes.gr emphasized the great interest that has been expressed for the company, by computer engineers, as more than 200 applications have been received so far.

"In Ioannina we will be expanding what we are developing in Germany, which is cloud connectivity software and all the new projects we are working on," said Deutscher. TeamViewer, is growing at rates that exceed 20%.