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Ombudsman: Vaccination is a prerequisite for enrolling children in schools

Featured Ombudsman: Vaccination is a prerequisite for enrolling children in schools

The need to publish a new and clear circular, which will leave no doubt about the implementation of vaccines as a prerequisite for the enrollment of pupils in schools, is pointed out by the Citizen's Ombudsman.

Vaccines are a prerequisite for children
The Authority has made proposals which, as stated in a communication, have so far not been accepted. The Ministry of Education, as expressed by successive circulars in 2013, has been particularly concerned with the implementation of the planned vaccinations as a prerequisite for enrolling children in compulsory education.

"Although the corresponding forecasts for kindergartens are clear, the clarification circular published by the Ministry of Education leaves room for multiple interpretations, with the predominant one allowing parents not to vaccinate their children" for any other possible reasons.(personal reasons, possible complication)", notes the Ombudsman.

Vaccines and measles outbreaks
As the Ombudsman points out, the outbreak of measles in Greece is increasing, the risk of transmission of other diseases, and the lack of protection for children who cannot be vaccinated because of medical indications (eg immunosuppression), but also the entire population of children, due to the limited vaccination coverage, imposed the intervention of the Authority, which sent its posts to the competent ministry twice.