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Death toll from Turkish quakes at over thirty

Featured Death toll from Turkish quakes at over thirty

The death toll from the 6.8-magnitude Richter earthquake in Turkey on Friday night, has reached 31. 

This was announced on Sunday morning in the latest report of the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), about the earthquake that hit Elazig province in eastern Turkey.

To date, the number of wounded persons is 1,547, with rescuers continuing to recover casualties.
Also, according to the announcement, 9,233 tents delivered to the site are reported to have been completed, after 76 buildings collapsed, 642 severely damaged and 425 slightly and moderately damaged.

In addition, it is reported that there are 3,433 search and rescue staff, as well as 192 for the nutrition, housing, energy, communication and psychosocial rehabilitation teams. According to the announcement, 17,000 hot meals, 5,000 breakfasts, 7,000 soups, 13,000 cups of tea, 6,275 bottles of water, 6,495 loaves of bread, 6,286 cans, 1,251 blankets, 1,211 beds and 286 cots have been shared.