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How much money do Greeks make from short-term rentals

Featured How much money do Greeks make from short-term rentals

Airbnb and the other short-term leasing platforms are still in the spotlight with regard to Greece.

Details of Airbnb in Greece were presented at the recent BNB Conference. As it turns out, within just one year - from December 2018 to the same month of 2019 - real estate available through Airbnb and Homeaway increased by 23.9%. Other figures, however, such as a 15% drop in occupancy, show that Airbnb real estate in Greece is far more than the country can support.

Referring to AirDNA data for Athens, it finds that there are 10,281 short-term rentals available, with 91% leasing the entire property, 8% in single rooms and 1% in a shared room. The average lease price is estimated at 52 euros, with the occupancy reaching 82% in September. As for the average monthly yield, it starts at 516 euros in January and reaches 1,016 euros in September.

Of course the picture changes, if you look at the islands. Thus, in Mykonos the monthly yield peak is estimated at 7,570 euros, in Paros at 3,420 euros, in Corfu at 1,886 euros, in Zakynthos at 2,525 euros