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US State Dept official Keith Krach congratulates Georgiadis on coronavirus crisis management

Featured US State Dept official Keith Krach congratulates Georgiadis on coronavirus crisis management

The US State Department's Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Keith Krach, in a letter sent to Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Thursday, congratulated him on the successful management of the coronavirus crisis.

"Our strong cooperation is more important now than ever as we work together to beat this virus and cope with the economic impacts of that struggle. My team tells me that Greece has been a standout performer in its response to the virus. I am interested in your ideas for how you plan to re-start your economy," he said.

Krach also congratulated Georgiadis on Greece’s de-listing from the Special 301 Report in 2020.

"This achievement is a great credit to the hard work of you, PM Mitsotakis, and your colleagues. The United States takes intellectual property rights very seriously, and this is a hugely positive development for U.S.-Greece bilateral relations. Coming from Silicon Valley, I can assure you that the steps your government has taken to address the use of unlicensed software in the public sector and enhance enforcement of intellectual property rights will allow Greece to benefit from its tremendous human capital. We have been getting the word out here in the United States that Greece is open for business, and Greece’s removal from the Special 301 Watch List makes the case that much stronger."

He also expressed his disappointment that the Partnership Opportunity Delegation had to be postponed, along with the signing of a new science and technology agreement, due to the coronavirus.

"We are working now on a way we can get some of the same outcomes for U.S. companies and Greece through a virtual engagement that will amplify and build on Greece’s great choices about using trusted vendors to build its 5G network. As Greece will lead the way with one of our first such virtual events, we welcome any insights into areas or specific upcoming tenders in the digital infrastructure space. We are also exploring ways we can sign the science and technology agreement remotely in order to allow scientists and researchers in both of our countries to collaborate as soon as possible. My team will be in touch with your government on the details," he added.