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Skorpios island, the former Onasis retreat, upgraded by the Rybolovlev family

Featured Skorpios island, the former Onasis retreat, upgraded by the Rybolovlev family

The pandemic of the coronavirus put a temporary brake on the works for the transformation of Skorpios, but after the end of the quarantine, the crews returned to the beautiful island of the Rybolovlev family, near Lefkada.

In recent months, infrastructure projects have been launched to create the international tourist resort that has been designed. In the summer, Russian tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev and his daughters plan to take a closer look at the progress of the project for the first time, according to family counselor and spokesman Sergei Chernitsyn seaking to news outlet ifemerida.gr.

"The family's plan is to visit the island and inspect the work. If conditions allow in Greece, they will spend a few weeks in the place they love and enjoy, " said Chernitsyn, adding:" The idea is to create a resort with high standards and facilities for families and visitors. Both the local community and the country will benefit from this project as it is a real pearl of the Mediterranean. "
However, with the fear of the coronavirus, all the necessary security measures have been taken in Skorpios. "The island is equipped with the necessary first aid materials according to international standards," said Sergei Chernitsyn. The works will be stopped again in the summer so that the tourist season in Lefkada is not be disturbed and the crews will ratchet up from October.

The Ribolovlev family maintained the legendary pink house of Onassis without changing any of its basic features

With respect to the history of Skorpios
The plans of the Rybolovlev family are to change nothing in the structures of the island and not to demolish any of the buildings from the time of Aristotle Onassis. According to the plans, the investment will keep pace with the environment, technology, Onassis' legacy and history. In the existing buildings of Skorpios, the necessary maintenance or expansion works will be done and in addition the main complex will be built from scratch with 7 vip suites and 12 villas.

Possibility of 48 beds in Skorpios
The complex will include swimming pools, an artificial lake, a spa, a lounge, a kitchen, seating areas and public areas. Sports facilities, rainwater tanks, playgrounds and in the future an elegant amphitheater have also been designed. All the buildings together will have 48 beds and will initially be used for the stay of the Rybolovlev family and its guests, but in the future there are thoughts to rent to profound tourists. The budget of the ambitious project tops 165 million euros.