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Everyone will be affected in this crisis says minister

Featured Everyone will be affected in this crisis says minister

"In this crisis, we will all be affected," Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis said in an interview with MEGA TV on Monday, adding that "the government's biggest effort is to spread the losses among everyone fairly and not allow some to lose while others win."

Referring to restaurant businesses that do not have access to outdoor areas, Georgiadis said: "What we are currently discussing with experts what safety protocols should be observed in such cases."

Regarding the financial support of companies, Georgiadis stressed that "we did everything possible. The state has reached the limits of what it can withstand. It has made huge transfers to businesses and workers to keep the economy afloat."

He also referred to the returnable advance payment, stressing that "so far we have paid 650 million euros and today the last 6,500 or so companies will be paid," while also noting the new round of payments starting on June 1.