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Man takes ax to wife in Kallithea, Athens

Featured Man takes ax to wife in Kallithea, Athens

Greek public opinion is shocked by an ax attack carried out by a 67-year-old man against his wife on Monday night in Kallithea.

According to information, it all started around 21:00, when the locals of Kallithea heard the voices of a woman who was running in the streets, as her husband was chasing her with an ax.

The couple allegedly had frequent quarrels and according to an OPEN television report, the 67-year-old launched the attack on his wife because she asked him for a divorce. The perpetrator allegedly heard the request of the 54-year-old woman became enraged and took an ax with which he chased her. 

The man, who also allegedly has an alcohol problem, according to the channel, chased her down the street, while his wife shouted for help.

Eventually, the man caught his wife at the junction of Spartis and Arapaki streets, in the center of Kallithea, and started hitting her.

The police rushed to the spot and tried to immobilize the perpetrator, as can be seen in the video from a resident of the area who recorded the incident and which was shown by Mega television.

 The video shows residents who came out on the street and police officers surrounded the 67-year-old and tried to immobilize him.

The perpetrator and the victim were taken to the hospital with serious injuries and are fighting to stay alive.