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Daily Turkish rhetoric is the sound of the drums of war

Featured Daily Turkish rhetoric is the sound of the drums of war

The escalating daily inflammatory rhetoric of the Turkish political leadership against Greece is not accidental. In fact, the fact that they are led by Tayyip Erdogan himself, as well as the fact that he uses offensive expressions that are not common even among enemies, leaves no room for misinterpretation. They are the drums of war.

The Ankara regime has repeatedly confirmed that it has burned bridges, cultivating a climate of war inside Turkey. Everything shows that the campaign of the Erdogan regime is to prepare the Turkish people at the political-psychological level for a heated conflict. This assessment is seen by more and more officials of the Greek Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, as well as foreign capitals that are following the developments on the Greek-Turkish front.

"Whatever they do, they will not stop us in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean… The era of those who colonized every place and slaughtered every nation is over." This is what the Turkish president said in his speech on the occasion of the beginning of the new judicial year. "They are putting in front of us a state that throughout its history is hiding behind other countries, and they are trying to reach their own hidden goals," he said, leaving insinuations against the French, whose intervention he fears. The Turkish president spoke of a "shadow game", saying "it is funny (for other countries) to use Greece as bait, which is incapable, against a regional and global power like Turkey".

An Erdogan ready for everything outlined the correspondent of the German newspaper Die Welt in Istanbul. According to the report, which cites military circles in the neighboring country, the Turkish president has been asking his generals to sink a Greek ship for a long time. The generals refused to do so and the next idea was to shoot down a Greek warplane. There, again, was the idea for the pilot to eject and save his life.

Yeni κafak also sounds the drums of war 

The pro-government Yeni κafak newspaper, which echoes the views of Tayyip Erdogan, is riding a wave of war. He believes that Turkey now has the right to intervene in Greek islands! The newspaper cites estimates by experts, according to which Greece, having transferred soldiers to the islands that have a demilitarized regime, lost the right to rule them! It is noted that Turkish media have been promoting in recent days the claim that Greece transported Greek soldiers by ship to Kastellorizo, while - according to an official Greek announcement - it is the usual regular replacement of the men of the existing guard.

The decision of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who in a telephone conversation with the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiades informed him that the US decided to lift the embargo on sale, has caused a special sensation in Ankara in this deteriorating landscape. was imposed in the Republic of Cyprus, in terms of non-lethal equipment. Reacting, the Turkish Foreign Ministry, in a statement, claims that Ankara will take countermeasures if the US decision is not changed. "The US decision poisons the peace environment and is incompatible with the spirit of the (NATO) Alliance," it said.

At the same time, statements of verbal support continue in Europe. The representative of the Commission in charge of foreign affairs, during the daily briefing of the journalists, stressed that the EU foreign ministers were clear about the consequences that Turkey will suffer if there is no change in its behavior.