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Eight dead in traffic accidents, in less than 24 hours - Among them a 16-month-old baby

Featured Eight dead in traffic accidents, in less than 24 hours - Among them a 16-month-old baby

There is no end to the tragedies that occur daily on the asphalt in Greece, since those killed in traffic accidents are now a scourge of modern times.

A typical example of the situation is what unfolded within a few hours, over the weekend, in various parts of the country. Eight of our fellow citizens lost their lives on the street, including an infant just 16 months old, whose death makes the toll even heavier.

Eight dead in five traffic accidents in two days
The beginning took place at noon last Saturday (12/09), when a large motorcycle in Kozani, under hitherto unknown conditions, overturned and collided with two passing cars. As a result, the driver, who was about 30 years old, was fatally injured.

The second traffic accident took place on the Patras-Pyrgos highway in the evening of the same day. According to the information, the car accident occurred after 21:00 when two cars collided head-on. A 16-month-old baby was the victim of this incident ...

A deadly traffic accident occurred on Sunday (13/09) outside Preveza, with four of our fellow citizens being tragically killed. The accident took place at 6:40 in the morning at the 21st kilometer of the National Road Preveza-Igoumenitsa. Under unclear circumstances, so far, two cars probably collided head-on, resulting in the death of all four occupants, three men and a woman. All four occupants were young.

Meanwhile, an hour earlier, at 5:20, another serious traffic accident had occurred on the Arta ring road. A car driven by a 19-year-old, who had managed to make one of his dreams come true, as he had been admitted to the Medical School of Athens, swerved and crashed into metal railings.

At the same time, the local community of Naxos remains shocked after the car accident that occurred on the island in the early hours of Sunday. According to reports, a mother of 3 minor children is dead from the car accident. All the children of the family with their father were also in the car at the time of the accident. They have now been transported by helicopter to a hospital in Athens, as their condition is critical. In fact, two of them, the father and a minor girl, have the most serious injuries.

The accident happened shortly after 1.30 in the morning on the provincial road Naxos - Glinadou and at the height of the headquarters of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives. The information states that the car that the husband was driving towards Glinado, deviated from its course due to speed, passed on the opposite side of the road, hit a tree and then was driven to the other side, where it struck the stone wall, which is the main entrance of EAS (agricultural cooperative) Naxos.