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Child resiscutated after more than two hours without a heartbeat

Featured Child resiscutated after more than two hours without a heartbeat

A human hand is behind the "miracle" with the resuscitation after hours of a 2-year-old child who was declared dead from drowning due to falling into a barrel of water, in Crete.

The superhuman efforts of the doctors of the Harakas Health Center in combination with the strong will and persistence of the EKAB ambulance doctor who received the little boy are the main causes that brought the 2-year-old child back to life.

The tragic event
It all happened yesterday early in the afternoon, when the unfortunate child, while he was outside in the neighborhood of his house, escaped the attention of his family in Ligortino, in the municipality of Archanes - Asterousia.

A little while later, his traces disappeared, with his relatives frantically looking for him.

The 2-year-old boy, who is the third child in the family, was found unconscious in a barrel of water.

The chronicle of his… return to life
The parents take the child to the Harakas Health Center where the doctors start the recovery process without wasting a moment.

According to information from cretapost, the drowning protocol states that the body must warm up (due to the fact that it had suffered from hypothermia) and for 45 minutes the doctors must proceed to its resuscitation if the senses have been lost.

The doctors of the Harakas Health Center warmed up the child's body and fought for 2 hours and 45 minutes to bring it back to life as they did not want to stop efforts in strict accordance with the protocol.

Finally, after such a long time, they found that the child did not come to, so they declared him dead.

The bureaucratic procedures begin and EKAB is notified to go and pick up the body of the child to transport it to the morgue of PAGNI.

The EKAB ambulance, together with the doctor, departed for the Health Center.

However, it seems that the child, after warming up and after so many hours of resuscitation efforts, showed signs of life at around 8 pm. Characteristically, as it was said in cretapost, his blood started to flow and go to the heart, giving a heartbeat!