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Heinous double murder in Makrinitsa, Pilion

Featured Heinous double murder in Makrinitsa, Pilion

The people of Makrinitsa, Pelion, are in shock after the double murder with victims  a 28-year-old and her 30-year-old brother and the perpetrator being her estranged husband.

According to thenewspaper.gr, the policeman who arrived at the scene first is also shocked, after a call he received at "100" from the unfortunate 28-year-old woman.

The call for help from the victim
"Help, save me. He has come to kill us. "He is breaking the glass to enter our house" the victim shouted a few minutes before 19.40 on Monday night. Opposite her was her husband, who reportedly has psychiatric problems and had been at odds with her lately.

Immediately the police officer of the North Pelion police station took the patrol car and headed to Makrinitsa. Although the distance is not long, he was slow to arrive as a truck is in front of him, delayed him.

Arriving at the cobbled path that leads to the house in the area of ​​Agia Triada, he came face to face with the killer, who had just killed the two siblings. The young man saw the car getting lost in the trees, by the cobbled streets. The police officer ordered by radio to block the traffic in order to locate and arrest the perpetrator, as happened an hour later.

Information from the local media states that the policeman is in a bad psychological state, as he estimates that his delay due to the truck that was ahead of him in the narrow roads of Pelion gave the perpetrator the opportunity to complete his crime.