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Cloudrock: Greek "smart" data centers

Featured Cloudrock: Greek "smart" data centers

With investments that will amount to 2.5-3 million euros for the next five years, Cloudrock, which provides "smart" data center services, takes its place on the mega map of the digitization of the country. The Greek company, founded in September 2019 and based in Agios Stefanos, Attica, where the 1,000 sq.m. privately owned data center is located, seeks to make data centers "smarter", utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

As stated by the CEO of the company, Mr. Vassilis Karavasilis, presenting the plans for 2021, during a press conference, "the Greek data center market and the cloud presents very high growth rates, but also important opportunities for companies that offer innovative and "smart" solutions and services ".

The apparent shift to digitalization, which is also marked by the plethora of digital projects included in the national recovery plan, was what prompted Cloudrock to come to life a year and a half ago. To date, the company has invested over 1 million euros.

Great prospects for the development of the industry

Mr. Karavasilis characterized  the decision of Microsoft for the creation of Data Center Region in Attica as particularly important. This strengthened the growth dynamics of the Greek market by upgrading it on the world map. At the same time, as he stressed, the huge project of digital transformation of the country creates the need for as much data storage as possible, so the needs for data center infrastructure are growing.

"In our area, synergies are needed, in order to implement the major digitization projects that are already running and will run for the coming years," he noted, while giving special emphasis to improving the environmental footprint of data centers, through greener solutions.

Cloudrock's immediate plans

The immediate plans of the company are the integration, next June, of its virtualization cluster in a global cloud infrastructure, for the provision of a high level of cloud services, but also the further expansion of its infrastructure and services.

The heart of Cloudrock's activity is the data center in Agios Stefanos, with an area of ​​1,000 sq.m., with the possibility of expansion, which started operating in May 2020. It is of Tier III level and has been built based on strict international standards regarding the availability of infrastructure. It has National Industrial Safety Regulation and NATO SECRET certifications and operates under strict procedures, covered by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Its security mechanisms guarantee the security of its customers' data and fully controlled access.

Cloudrock services include colocation of space for physical hosting of IT and network equipment, provision of jobs for business continuity purposes, design and implementation services of data center and data recovery mechanism (disaster recovery), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), data analytics, development of IoT solutions and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

Its clientele includes companies such as Grid Telecom, Lancom, Adaptit, Mediatel, Fermorite and Atrotech, while the relevant list is constantly expanding with customers from Greece and abroad.