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Attica turns to the sea - What will the 70 km long Athenian Riviera, from Piraeus to Sounio be

Featured Attica turns to the sea - What will the 70 km long Athenian Riviera, from Piraeus to Sounio be

The plan to renovate the coastal front of Attica, a project of particular importance to residents, as their quality of life is upgraded and at the same time is a step towards a green future will bring.a new breath to the Athenian Riviera. 

The presentation of the project for the regeneration of the coastal front of Attica, which will be funded by the Recovery Fund, took place in the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

This is a special project, which is particularly important for the well-being of society, as it renews the areas and offers places for recreation and sports. Nature, culture, sports and entertainment are the main pillars of this integrated project. In addition to a pedestrian and bicycle path, it includes sports areas, children's areas and leisure areas. In this way, citizens will be able to walk, run and ride bicycles without hindrance.

The project, which will be completed in phases, will extend from Piraeus to Sounio and concerns a total distance of 70 km. The first phase will involve 22 km from Piraeus to Vouliagmeni. The urban part will have a single bike path and pedestrian street, while for the rest, from Vouliagmeni to Sounio, 48 km long, the route will be remodeled with a single renovation. At the same time, a Metropolitan Bicycle Network will be constructed throughout Attica, with a total length of over 100 kilometers.

Mitsotakis: When this project is completed, what we will be thinking is "why had we not done something so obvious before"

"This opening of the city to the sea, step by step, begins and becomes an act" stressed the prime minister, making special reference to the "emblematic investment of Elliniko, which is already - in terms of legislative responsibilities - in its final stages" and concerns at the same time the opening of a space "with the creation of a large park, which will also be facing the sea", stressed Mr. Mitsotakis, during his speech.

"Athens has the opportunity to regain its place in the great agreement of the world, but facing with courage the challenges of the 21st century. For a greener future, a digital future, a future that will finally offer the citizens the quality of life that this city, this region, this urban fabric of the basin has the potential to offer. "And that is why this project has a special significance," the prime minister said elsewhere.

"And when it is completed, the first 22 kilometers, one can go by bike from Piraeus to Vouliagmeni or run or walk or take his child in a stroller, then the only thing we will consider it "why had we not done something so obvious before", he added.

The four bike lanes whose construction will be launched with funding from the NSRF:

The section from Kifissia to Gazi, 16 km long.
The connection of the metro (Katehaki) with the University Campus and the Polytechnic Campus, through the metropolitan park in Goudi to Ilisia Park.
The continuation of the previous bike path, from the Panathinaiko Stadium through Vasilissis Olgas Avenue to Dionysiou Aeropagitou and from there to the last part of Ermos to Gazi.
The creation of a large bike path, 76 km long, from Agios Anargyros to Lavrio.