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Patrols in forests and burnt areas by Army and Police

Featured Patrols in forests and burnt areas by Army and Police

Soldiers, police, firefighters and Civil Protection officers have been patrolling dangerous areas, mountain tops and forests since last night and will continue to do so for at least seven days for fear of new fires.

The Headquarters of the General Staff of National Defense is in constant communication with the Headquarters of Hellenic Police and in consultation with the Fire Brigade, joint and branch patrols by officers of all branches of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force and Air Force) and the Civil Protection, are making their presence felt, as you can see in the photos and videos, with strobe lights, sirens and any other convenient way.

The Police alone carried out 216 patrols last night, 50 of them in Attica, while for today, from 6 am to 6 am on Saturday, 723 patrols have been planned - 168 of them in Athens.


Penalties for arson

t is worth noting that since August 3 until today, the Police has made 25 arrests and have held 188 persons for arson. Respectively, from the Arson Crimes Directorate of the Fire Brigade, from August 5 until today, 28 arrests have been made for 24 cases of fires.

Of those arrested by the Police, 4 have already been remanded in custody after being brought before the investigator, while in some of the cases a suspended prison sentence was imposed. Yesterday, a local man was sentenced in Zakynthos to 4 years in prison without suspension and the right to appeal. Of those arrested by the Fire Department, in one case a sentence of 5 years without suspension was already imposed, in another 2 years of imprisonment was imposed and in another 18 months with suspension.