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Womanandhome - Which Greek island is an ideal destination for families

Featured Womanandhome - Which Greek island is an ideal destination for families

Crete is suggested as an ideal destination for the whole family by the popular website Womanandhome.com, in its tribute to the best Greek islands for 2022.

"Crete is the largest island in Greece and has everything you could ask for from a European vacation: stunning beaches, great resorts, incredible scenery, bucolic villages and a long, fascinating history," the website notes, among other things. The proposed list includes Ios with its wonderful trails and the unique view of the Aegean without crowds, followed by Corfu with its enchanting architecture and Hydra which is offered for luxurious getaways.

Rhodes, Lesvos and Chios are considered the most suitable islands for couples, with their picturesque alleys, local cuisine and moments of adventure in nature. Dreamy beaches of Greece are enjoyed in Naxos, while Mykonos seduces for the nightlife and the beautiful Chora.

Then, the list "travels" the visitors of the website to Astypalea which is a unique experience, with the aura of calm that it emits and its lacy shores, but also to Zakynthos which is considered ideal for photos. The list ends with awe-inspiring Santorini, Skiathos which is identified with the endless game for families on the beaches and Kos which impresses with its rich history and archeological findings.

"We try to turn the crisis into an opportunity, highlighting the Ios of romance, activities, gastronomy, culture and quality away from the crowds. The other face of the island is gradually gaining the response of international and domestic travelers, especially in the post-covid era ", said the Mayor of Ieton, Gikas Gikas.

Sustainability, authenticity, relaxation but also innovation, are the components of the travel experience in Astypalea. "We are creating a new dynamic as seen from the increased arrivals of 2021 and we are receiving new distinctions in the context of creating a model" green "destination that preserves its traditional identity", notes the Mayor of Astypalea, Nikos Komineas.

"The endless beaches, the picturesque villages and the alternatives in Naxos are the best escape from everyday life. It is our honor that the female travel public shows its preference for the largest island of the Cyclades and responds to our actions ", says in a statement the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of Naxos and Small Cyclades, Vangelis Katsaras.