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Clooney stands by call to return Parthenon Marbles

George Clooney continues to voice his support for the return of the Parthenon Marbles. The Oscar-winning actror sent Tuesday from London where he called for a start of an "open discussion" about the fate of the Parthenon Marbles stolen by British diplomat Lord Elgin 200 years ago .


For the second time in three days, the American actor spoke on the issue of the return of Greek monuments. After the statements about it being “good” and "fair " to return the Parthenon Marbles made last Saturday at a press conference for the film “The Monuments Men” at the 64th Berlin Film Festival, George Clooney touched on the subject again at a press conference at the British capital .

As part of the press conference in London, Mr Clooney asked to conduct a discussion on the issue, noting that both the Vatican and the Getty Museum have returned ancient Greek treasures in their possession.

George Clooney was asked "whether the pieces of an artwork should be joined in the best possible way ."

"There are some pieces that you look at and think that it's probably what should be done," Clooney added .

George Clooney said he had not intended to cause uproar with his statement last Saturday . As revealed after the controversy some of the statements said that "as an American can not understand these issues ." However, an article in the “The Independent» was printed under the title "Clooney thinks Britain should lose its marbles"

His co-star in the film, Bill Murray, who attended the press conference, said on the issue of the return of the Marbles: "They had a very nice stay here , definitely . But London is a busy place. There is enough space in Greece "