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Two cases of leprosy in Greece

Featured Two cases of leprosy in Greece

Two cases of leprosy have been detected in Greece. The first was detected last week at Attikon Hospital.

"The incident was from the Peloponnese, it was not from Athens," Spyridon Pournaras, the hospital's professor of Microbiology, told OPEN.

"We found that there was a leprosy bacterium. We had found another case last year in 2020. I want to tell you that there are cases of old diseases, there are a few sporadic ones. "We must be vigilant to find them, so that they do not split," he added.

It is reminded that the suspected case of smallpox of monkeys that occurred in Kefalonia was treated at the "Attikon" hospital.

The second case concerns a woman that is being treated for leprosy at the Rio hospital in Patras, according to information from the local media tempo24.news.

Tempo 24 also reports that the woman is being treated at the dermatology clinic and the necessary measures have already been taken for her treatment.

According to the same source, this is a 65-year-old woman of Albanian origin.