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Lidl invests 130 million in Greece

German supermarket chain Lidl plans to build two huge warehouses for logistics infrastructure, one in Attica, the other in Thessaloniki.

The prime minister expressed his thanks to a businessman whose company plans on investing 130 million euros in the country.

The company is Lidl Hellas, which controls numerous supermarkets around Greece. Its president, Georg Kroell, met with Mr. Samaras and informed him of the company's investments in Athens and Thessaloniki, which comes to 130 million euros in 2004.

Lidl plans to build two huge warehouses for logistics infrastructure. The first one will be located in Kalyvia, Attica, outside Athens. It will be inaugurated on Thursday by Development minister Kostis Hatzidakis and when it's completed, it will cover an area of 50000 square meters.

The second one will be built in Sindos, outside Thessaloniki, it will be 60000 square meters long and it will be the largest Lidl warehouse in Europe.

The Attica warehouse will facilitate more than 60 Lidl stores in the prefecture and islands of the Aegean with a variety of products, while the Sindos one will replace the small warehouse the company keeps in Thessaloniki.

The prime minister thanked Mr. Kroell for the confidence his firm shows in the Greek economy and Greek products promotion in Europe and its support in Greek exporters.