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Well known singer Adamantidis arrested for abuse of partner

Featured Well known singer Adamantidis arrested for abuse of partner

Well known Greek popular singer Themis Adamantidis was arrested, on Friday, following a complaint of domestic violence. He was released a day later and will face trial for abusing his partner, but a flurry of accusations have been let loose by Mr. Adamantidis' attorney, the well known Athens criminal lawyer Alexis Kouyias.

According to information, Varvara Kirki reported him to the Domestic Violence Department, at the Alimos Police Department. As she claims, he cursed her in a vulgar way and pulled her hair. The incident happened in the early hours of the morning and the fight started over the fact that it was 1:30 a.m. and he was playing slots in a gambling shop. In fact, as she claims, he slapped her and grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her into the car to drive away.

Themis Adamantidis was arrested in Ampelokipi, at noon, outside a casino and is being held at the Argyroupolis Department and will go to the prosecutor on Saturday.

Tomorrow, around 10 am, Themis Adamantidis will be taken to the prosecutor.

Adamantidis-Kouyas deny the allegations: She blackmailed him, slandered him and stole 7,000 euros from him

The singer, for his part, filed a lawsuit against his partner for false accusation.

According to Alexis Kouyias who spoke to the press: "A former relationship of his with the intention of blackmailing him and taking money from him, knowing that he has a concert tonight, sued him for bodily harm and because he claimed to be his partner, he was prosecuted for domestic violence. Mr. Adamantidis denied the act and sued for false accusation, defamation, because she took the keys to his house, entered the house and stole 7,000 euros. Mr. Adamantidis is detained in Argyroupoliis police station and she is wanted by police"

In the trial that took place of Monday, Ms Kirki describing the incident that happened on June 30 at 1:30 in the morning, stating that they were both in a gambling shop in Ano Glyfada, he inside and she waiting in the car. According to her, while she was chatting on the mobile, Adamantidis rushed out of the store  and began abusing her verbally and slapping her, while also accusing her of flirting with a nearby cabbie. The shops' security cameras have captured the incident.

The singer and his attorney dened all charges and proceeded to a counter-suit saying that woman had sued him in an attempt to blackmail him and extort money from him.

However, as became known through the trial he has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife who also claimed in a televised interview that Admantidis never paid child support or care to see his two children.

Ms Mirki, publicly said that she did not wantany of his money, she still loved him, and wanted him to be tried for his violence and seek help for his addictions ot gambling, drugs, and alcohol.

The verdict of the court is still being awaited.