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Frizis Damas 2022: Hellenic Air Force drill in Israel

Featured Frizis Damas 2022: Hellenic Air Force drill in Israel
Hellenic Air Force (HAF) is drilling with US and Israeli Air Forces throughout Eastern Mediterranean
Obviously, the HAF is training for a much different and expanded role than the defense of Greece's national airspace, in view of broader geopolitical developments in the region.
The Hellenic and Israeli Air Forces took part in a joint exercise called “Frizis Damas 2022”, on Tuesday, July 12, within the Tel Aviv FIR, while aerial refueling took place within the Nicosia FIR. “Frizis Damas 2022” is part of the 2022 defence cooperation programme between the two Air Forces
The exercise included air-to-air missions and strikes against ground targets.
The Hellenic Air Force participated in the exercise with eight F-16 aircrafts of the 115th Fighter Wing, while the Israeli Air Force with two F-16 aircrafts, two F-15I aircrafts, and two B-707 aerial refueling aircraft.
.Frizis Damaskinos

The exercise was named after Mordechai Frizis (Frizis) and Archbishop Damaskinos (Damas).

The Mordechai Frizis was a Jewish Infantry Colonel in the Greek Army and was killed fighting in the Greco-Italian War on December 5, northeast of Premet.

His remains were identified in Albania in 2002 and his body is now in the Israelite Cemetery of Thessaloniki (Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki).

Archbishop Damaskinos was the 11th Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece.

Among the many honors he received, he was named "Righteous Among Nations," a title given to those who saved the lives of Jewsdur9ing the holocaust.

Poseidon’s Rage '22
Only one day before, on Monday July 11, started the "Poseidon’s Rage '22" joint military exercise, with the participation of Air Forces from Greece and the United States, with 10 F-35 jets and 14 F-15s of USAF, stationed in the island of Crete.
It will be conducted in various parts of Greece until July 21 under the planning, organization and coordination of the Hellenic Army General Staff.
Greece is participating with fighter aircrafts, naval units and elements of the Special Warfare Command of the General Staff (JTAC).
The JTAC commented that "Poseidon’s Rage '22" will, for the first time, feature fourth and fifth generation US fighters deployed together. What’s more, an entire fighter squadron is being deployed to another base, in this case the 115 Combat Wing at Souda in Crete.
The F-35s will conduct training in the area of responsibility of the US European Command, while firing training will be conducted at the Karavia firing range in the Myrtoo Sea.