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Sifnos: High in the preferences of Germans and Austrians in 2023

Featured Sifnos: High in the preferences of Germans and Austrians in 2023

Sifnos has an important position in the preferences of travelers from Germany and Austria for 2023, according to recent international press reports. Among the best off-the-beaten-track holiday destinations in Greece is Sifnos according to Reise Reporter.

The authoritative German tourist website documents its choice, emphasizing that "Sifnos is a paradise for hikers and foodies. Despite its popularity, Tselemende's island continues to maintain its authenticity."

Germany – Austria are important markets 

Along the same lines, the established Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung considers Sifnos as one of the destinations that Austrians should not miss from their Greece travel plans this year. "Our call for quality vacations finds a significant response abroad. The destination has its own dynamics as was seen last year when Greece "broke" the arrivals record of 2019 for the duration of the season. Germany and Austria are considered important target markets and for this reason, we are launching specific actions", says the Mayor of Sifnos, Maria Nadali.

It is noted that after the largest international tourism exhibition ITB 2023 in Berlin where scheduled meetings were held with travel editors of newspapers and websites, Sifnos with the help of the EOT Office of Austria is also presented at the tourism exhibition of Vienna Ferien Messe which will last until March 19.