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Greek investors investing in Albania will enjoy certain privileges, says Rama in Athens

Featured Greek investors investing in Albania will enjoy certain privileges, says Rama in Athens

Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania Edi Rama invited Greek investors to invest in Albania, while addressing the Greek-Albanian Forum at a central Athens hotel on Tuesday.

While addressing members of the Greek government and representatives of Greek businesses, Rama noted that Greek companies would enjoy certain privileges should they choose to invest in Albania.  

"We want to start a special initiative for Greek businesses," said Rama, as "we're thinking of doing something very radical - to invite your companies to come and have a very special treatment there for a number of years, in regions where we have a problem because people are leaving, but which still have a lot of potential."

The Albanian state leader pointed out that investments are no longer relevant to Albania or North Macedonia or the nearby region, but are part of a wider market created through the cooperation of countries like Serbia, North Macedonia, and other countries that participate in the Berlin Process and are signing agreements for the broadening of the regional market, he highlighted.

"We are moving towards a single market in the region," Rama underlined.

Discussing Albania's integration in the European family with Delphi Economic Forum Founder & President Symeon Tsomokos, Rama said that this is now viewed even more positively in Europe, especially under the pressure of the Russian agression.

Rama also pointed out that the distance between EU member states and non-member states is widening rather than narrowing, as EU countries had many more tools at their disposal to deal with several crises - such as the Resilience Fund - which supported citizens and governments.

"Europe must do something more," Rama stressed, in terms of economic relations between the Balkans and Europe.

The forum was organized by the Delphi Economic Forum, and was also attended among others by the Greek government's Vice-President Panagiotis Pikramenos, Development & Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis, and representatives of Greek businesses active in Albania. On the Albanian side, it was attended by Finance & Economy Minister Delina Ibrahimaj and Foreign Affairs Minister Besart Kadia.