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Cretan lyre player charged with child rape and prostitution faces prosecutor

Featured Cretan lyre player charged with child rape and prostitution faces prosecutor

A 66-year-old lyre player who is accused of raping and pimping a minor boy faced the prosecutor of Heraklion.

According to creta24.gr, the lyre player is expected to deny what is attributed to him. In particular, he will say that he is not tech savvy and able to create the different social media profiles that the indictment states he created to push the child on other people as well.

Also, according to all information, he is expected to argue that during the disputed period for health reasons it was not possible for him to have done such a thing.

Heraklion: To the prosecutor the lyre who aped and pimped the minor

 Authorities are investigating who came into contact with the child

At the same time, the authorities' investigations are progressing in order to reveal the other people, apart from the doctor at a hospital in the city, who came into contact with the child.

In fact, police sources state that "even if there is a delay in revealing the identity of over 29 people, this will be done and those involved will be brought to justice."

He was previously accused of exchanging messages with a minor

The revelations about the lyre player cause intense reflection.

The 66-year-old had previously concerned the authorities with a similar case, and in particular he had been accused of exchanging messages with a minor. The relevant case file had been filed months before, and he had then claimed in terms of his communications with the child that the mobile phone was being used by a relative, also a minor. The case had not proceeded to court for reasons of the 66-year-old's health, however it is expected to proceed.

The profile of the 66-year-old

In the village of the 66-year-old Lyre player, the residents are in shock. Rage overflows. They talk about a man, seemingly loving, a father figure and emphasize that it never occurred to them that he could do such a thing. As they say, the Cretan artist respectfully served tradition and was always there in all the activities of the village.

Others emphasize that with the mantle of a benefactor and especially to families living in poverty, he took them under his protection, supporting them and even helping them financially, with the anxiety of many parents having risen sharply.

However, those familiar with the case say that behind the boy's story it is possible that other similar cases are hidden.

Aim to "open mouths" - Fears for the action of the 66-year-old

Sources report that as of yesterday afternoon, in the surroundings of the village where the lyre player lived, there are some more cases of boys who seem to have a more closed behavior and are troubled. For these cases, the family invites other parents to contact the authorities and try to help other children to talk, in case they have experienced something similar to the 66-year-old.

The information of the 66-year-old is expected to be made public by noon following a prosecutor's order, in order to inform society about the action of the lyre player with the aim of "opening their mouths".

The aim is to protect the victim

In the same direction, the authorities have handled the case of the child very discreetly and all the burden falls on his protection as, as sources say, he is a deeply wounded soul and the only goal is not to cause him further trauma and to protect the personal at all costs of data.

Both the Juvenile Protection Department and the Heraklion Security "stumbled upon" the case from the first moment and worked day and night to manage to draw up the case file and move the process forward as soon as possible.

Facing the prosecutor 

The 66-year-old lyre player is expected to be brought to the prosecutor today with serious charges after it was revealed that he allegedly cheated and extradited the minor boy to Heraklion.

At the same time, the authorities have identified a doctor in a hospital in Heraklion, who allegedly came into contact with the child through the 66-year-old, as well as two more people for whom the investigations continue.

E-Crime Prosecution Unit n the case

Finally, sources report that an echelon of the Electronic Crime Prosecution from Athens will assist the work of the local authorities with the aim of searching for the electronic traces and identifying the others who had visited the platform, on which the 66-year-old had created a profile with photos of the minor. with the information so far talking about more than 29 people.