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Dynamic start of tourism for Paros

Featured Dynamic start of tourism for Paros

With the start of the tourist season from March and with the impressive 30% increase in traffic in April, Paros is looking forward to another successful tourist year, as emphasized in a related announcement.

The spectacular increase in arrivals was recorded by the port authority, according to which in the second spring month of this year, 41,070 visitors, 5,981 vehicles, 870 two-wheelers and 1090 trucks, arrived on the island by ship, compared to 32,365 visitors, 5,380 vehicles. , 786 two-wheelers and 1,067 trucks that had arrived in April 2022.

Commenting on these first encouraging messages, the mayor of Paros, Markos Kovaios, said: "Thanks to the consistent and continuous strategy of promoting itself as a destination with quality interests that it has followed in recent years, Paros has managed to rise to the top of tourist preferences at the level of the Cyclades, noting year after year significant successes in inflows and occupancies. The expansion of the airport also contributed to this, which gives even more important development prospects for the coming years."

"The tourism development of the island, in addition to the numbers of arrivals, is also reflected in the measurements of well-known real estate price evaluation agencies, where the surplus value of the destination is visible, which has a positive effect not only on tourism professionals, but also on all property owners who they see their properties being upgraded", adds Mr. Kovaios in a related announcement.