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Members of new caretaker Cabinet to be sworn-in on Fri.; new general elex on June 25

Featured Members of new caretaker Cabinet to be sworn-in on Fri.; new general elex on June 25

The composition of a caretaker Cabinet was announced on Thursday, ahead of the June 25 general election.

The key ministries of defense and foreign affairs will be headed, respectively, by former army chief deputy minister Alkiviadis Stefanis, and retired top diplomat Vassilis Kaskarelis.

Another former army chief of staff, Charalambos Lalousis, will hold the public order (citizen’s protection) ministry, while television journalist Ilias Siakantaris will serve as the government spokesperson.

New ministers will be sworn-in before President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou and caretaker Prime Minister Ioannis Sarmas at noon on Friday at the presidential mansion.

The new caretaker Cabinet

Prime Minister: Ioannis Sarmas

State Minister: Vasilios Skouris

Finance Minister: Theodoros Pelagidis

Development and Investments Minister: Eleni Louri

Foreign Affairs Minister: Vasilios Kaskarelis

National Defense Minister: Alkiviadis Stefanis

Education & Religion Minister: Christos Kittas

Labor & Social Affairs Minister: Patrina Paparrigopoulou

Health Minister: Anastasia Kotanidou

Environment & Energy Minister: Pantelis Kapros

Citizen Protection Minister: Charalambos Lalousis

Culture and Sports Minister: George Koumentakis

Justice Minister: Filippos Spyropoulos

Interior Minister: Kalliopi Spanou

Migration and Asylum Minister: Daniil Esdras

Digital Governance Minister: Sokratis Katsikas

Infrastructure & Transport Minister: Yiannis Golias

Shipping & Island Policy Minister: Theodoros Kliaris

Agricultural Development & Foods Minister: Georgios Tsakiris

Tourism Minister: Ioanna Dretta

Climate Crisis & Civil Protection Minister: Evangelos Tournas

Government spokesperson: Ilias Siakantaris