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Avian flu toll at 43

The mutated avian flu virus is on its sixth week and according to new evidence presented by the Greek Center for Disease Control, it has already claimed 43 lives.

Everyday more people are being admitted to hospital ICUs with severe symptoms of the virus, a mutation of the H1N1 strain. Doctors and GCDC officials are urging people from high risk groups, such as elders, asthmatics, children and pregnant women, to get the anti-flu shot, which is out since last November.

In the last few days alone, there were 8 casualties due to the virus. On Monday, three people were admitted to ICUs – two in Thessaloniki and one in Athens. Doctors stress the anti-flu shot is still applicable, since the virus is expected to last until May this year.

Some doctors have their doubts concerning the efficiency of the vaccine. They claim that the recent virus mutations have all but rendered most medicine ineffective. Things get more alarming when these doctors believe it will take quite some time before any new medicine battling the new strain comes out.

Either way, better safe than sorry. All doctors agree that if you belong to a high risk group, you should get the shot. If you get any typical flu symptoms, you should contact your physician immediately and follow his instructions to the letter.