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Greeks arrested in Turkey in two cases of migrant and drug trafficking

Featured Greeks arrested in Turkey in two cases of migrant and drug trafficking

In the last few days, police in Turkey have arrested three Greek nationals in two different cases on the charges of migrant trafficking and drug trafficking.

In the first case, a woman, a Greek citizen, was arrested by Turkish authorities at Istanbul's Sabiha Gökçen Airport on suspicion of illegal migrant smuggling, according to Turkish newspaper Sabah.

The incident took place on June 16, however, nine days later the Greek diplomatic authorities had not received any information from the Turkish authorities, nor from the arrested woman herself.

Finally, after the publication in the Turkish newspaper, the incident was confirmed by Turkish authorities, however the arrested woman reportedly does not want any contact with a Greek consular authority.

The publication does not provide any information about the identity of the Greek woman, other than the fact that her name is Paraskevi Gk. (or C.).

According to Sabah's publication, "Police officers of the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Police Department, which is under the Istanbul Security Directorate, arrested the international migrant trafficker Greek national Paraskevi G. on the first day of Bairam. The airport police forces also found that the foreign national Taimaa C., who arrived in Turkey from Beirut, and Paraskevi G., who arrived from Athens, met at the airport transit area".

In the same publication, the development of the incident and the arrest of the Greek woman is described as follows: "The police arrested the suspects after finding out that the two of them went to the toilet together. As it became known, the next flight of Taimaa J. was to Sharjah and the next flight on Friday G. for Stuttgart, Germany. Taimaa J. had a fake passport on her person that had been issued with the identity information of trafficker Paraskevi G. and a ticket for the flight from “Sabiha Gökçen” to Stuttgart.

In her testimony, Taimaa J mentioned that she met with Paraskevi G., whom she come to know and agreed to via the Internet, to go to Germany and took the fake passport and ticket in the airport bathroom.

"Taimaa J., who did not have the right to enter Turkey and was deported, was treated as a "suspect" for the crime of forging public documents and as a "victim" for the crime of illegal immigration."

At the same time, in a different case, two Greeks and four Turks were arrested in the Dardanelles on the Greek-flagged high-speed ship "Nefelis" on charges of migrant smuggling and drug trafficking.

In fact, the case involves the son of an official of the far-right party Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi‎ (MHP). As it became known, his father resigned from the party a while ago, due to the revelations.