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Biden losses cause difficulties for Pappas

Featured Biden losses cause difficulties for Pappas

The latest poll from Saint Alsem College has Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden by two percentage points, cre4ating upset in the New Hampshire Democratic ranks and the context of forces in the State, where Chris Pappas is elected. .

This poll, which was the first since last Thursday's -disastrous- debate, worries the elected representatives of the Democratic Party in the region, given that the re-election campaign - especially in the 1st District where Pappas is elected - is predicted, once again , ambiguous.

At the same time, as the online version of the New Hampshire Journal reports, the former chairwoman of the Democratic Party in the State, Kathy Sullivan, urged, in high tones, the elected officials and cadres of the Democratic Party not to position themselves against Joe Biden, choosing silence.

"I urge every Democrat I talk to to get the hell out of there. Joe Biden is our president, he's done a great job, and it's time for them to go with the program and roll up their sleeves, like all of us here, to get Biden re-elected in November," Sullivan had said.

As the same publication reports, Chris Pappas has chosen the path of silence, avoiding both disapproving and publicly supporting Biden, at a time when Republicans are trying to portray him as a supporter of the current president's candidacy and agenda.

However, Mr. Pappas has distanced himself from Biden's main policies, as he was one of the Democratic lawmakers who demanded, through a joint letter, the tightening of measures on the US southern border.