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Albanian shot 8 times while riding in vehicle, in Peristeri

Featured Albanian shot 8 times while riding in vehicle, in Peristeri

A 22-year-old Albanian was shot at least 8 times while riding in a car early on Tuesday, in Peristeri.

According to the latest information, the 22-year-old originally from Albania is under investigation as he has previously been accused of participating in a criminal organization involved in drug trafficking when in 2021 he was arrested together with three of his compatriots in possession of 2.3 kilos of cocaine and 5.4 kilos of marijuana.

In 2022, together with other people, he had shot at a vehicle to resolve personal disputes.

The 22-year-old was slightly wounded in the thigh by the shots and is being treated at the "Red Cross" hospital.

According to information, at the place where the shots were fired, six 6 shell casings and two bullets were found and confiscated.

How the incident happened

The shooting incident took place at 2:20 in the morning on Dodecanision Street, in Peristeri.

According to police sources, the shots were fired by the occupants of an Audi car and aimed at the 22-year-old Albanian who had just gotten out of a Smart.

After the shootings, the driver of the Smart left the 22-year-old covered in blood and disappeared while an ambulance picked him up and took him to the "Red Cross".hospital.