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Real Estate Prices on Aegean Islands soar

Featured Real Estate Prices on Aegean Islands soar

The average sale price of properties in the Aegean islands, especially the Cyclades, has exceeded €4,000 per square metre, according to recent data.

The surge in demand and prices is not limited to popular islands; smaller, remote islands are also experiencing significant increases.

Antiparos is a prime example, with the average price in Chora jumping by €2,000 in seven years to over €5,000 per square metre.

Overall, the average sale price for residential properties across the Aegean islands is €3,221 per square metre, an 8.09 percent increase from June 2023.

The Cyclades lead with the highest average asking price at €4,137 per square metre, while the Lesbos Prefecture has the lowest at €1,093. Mykonos boasts the most expensive properties with an average of €7,256 per square metre, and Amorgos the lowest at €1,763.

Mykonos rental prices reached €20.63 per square metre per month in June, suggesting a potential market peak. Santorini also saw a notable increase, with the average sale price reaching €4,936 per square metre.

Specific areas within islands also show varying trends.

In Paros, Filidi has the highest asking price at €6,264 per square metre, while Lefkes has the lowest at €4,258. In Santorini, Oia tops the list with €6,291 per square metre, and Thira is the most affordable at €4,630.

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