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Budget parade for 25 March

The military parade on March 25, this coming Tuesday, will be celebrated as usual. March 25th Independence in Greece, marks the day when in 1821 the Greeks decided to revolt against the Ottoman Empire and -with the help of foreign powers of the time- finally managed to gain their independence and to have a sovereign Greek State.

The military parade will pass in front of the Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma Square and then will continue on Panepistimiou street, all the way to Omonia Square. Due to the cutbacks of recent years,  tanks, vehicles will take part and airplanes will be limited. However, soldiers, marine sailors, airmen, policemen, firemen will parade on foot.

Major and minor archaeological sites will be closed, along with banks, public offices, schools and many businesses. The parade route may interrupt some traffic in Athens in the morning.