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Death toll at 22 for Samos migrant tragedy

The worst scenario has been confirmed. According to information from the Coast Guard, the dead so far number 22, while a dead mother was found still clutching her drowned infant.

Earlier divers participating in the salvage operation confirmed the existence of bodies in the boat's bowels. According to information released, the vessel ferrying the illegal migrants was a contemporary yacht with 4 crew members, and was shadowed by a smaller boat.

So far indications are that the overcrowded boat capsized due to a change in the center of gravity, trapping many in the cabins.

Samos port authority is currently hosting 36 migrants that were saved by coast guard forces. The twelve-meter long vessel was salvaged and taken to Samos port, where so far 22 bodies have been recouped, among them three children.

Of the 32 migrants saved, 3 are women and one is a minor. The child was taken to Athens, while six of the migrants were hospitalized on Samos. So far it is shown that over sixty people were aboard the twelve meter yacht.