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Government backtracks on beach bill

Following a fierce uproar, the Greek government seems to be partially backtracking on a draft bill on the management and protection of coastal areas and beaches, saying it will be put to consultation.

"The Prime Minister wants the consultation to be essential so that all aspects are examined. He also wants the government to be informed about the results and the conclusions of this consultation in order to reach a decision"  Minister without protfolio, Dimitris Stamatis said.

Goverment spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou told Realfm radio station that the Ministry of Finance is commited to adding stricter preconditions to the draft bill.

The bill has been critisised for being a gift to specific business interests and not taking into account the impact to the environment.

So far New Democracy deputies Dora Bakoyanni and Fotini Pipili have publicly gone against the bill.