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Crimes Being Linked to Golden Dawn

Charges of forming a criminal organization are being wrought by the supreme court against Golden Dawn, linking the names of parliament members with criminal activities.

According to "To Vima" newspaper documents in the prosecution file show that calls were made from the phone of Nikaia Golden Dawn chapter chief Giorgos Patelis to the phones of Golden Dawn MPs Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panayotaros, and Yannis Lagos. However, the time of the calls has not been divulged.

Police internal affairs are looking into the the dealings of a high ranking officer at the Nikaia police station, who according to "Ethnos" newspaper offered protection and information to Golden Dawn cadres in the broader Piraeus area.

At this point it has also become known that intelligence agency EYP, was conducting cellphone taps that bear out the findings of the prosecution so far. Why, and under what authority this was taking place, is still unclear.