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Just Who is Volos' New Mayor?

Achilleas Beos, the new mayor of Volos, made statements to gathered supporters after the results clinched his victory, while white doves were released overhead.

In statements he made to the crowd, the new mayor after thanking voters, went into a tirade against Athenian artists that signed a document against his candidacy, whom he called “people out for an easy buck” that “for years feeding off funding from the culture ministry.”

He also laid into his opponent Margaritis Patsiantas whom he called “petty and undignified” and stated that on Monday his party headquarters will send him home, while “you sent him home tonight,” as he told his voters.

The new Volos mayor clarified that he does not plan to sign off on any receivables from the preceding municipal authorities, without first having the requisite documents, because as he said that the “war waged against him” shows that “they have something to hide and fear,” while pledging to be the mayor of all Voliots.