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Tsipras Calls for Popular Participation

Emboldened by the recent success of his party in the European parliamentary elections, Alexis Tsipras gave a speech on the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, outlining his plan for the economy.


In his speech, SYRIZA president Alexis Tsipras spelled out his aim, “the return to the road to frowth with the people's participation”, as he pointed out.

Tsipras claimed that a SYRIZA government would be a “government of social salvation”. He added a call for a new social contract concerning the reconstruction of the country's production. According to his plan, there are some immediate decisions to be taken in order for uncertainty to end.

Those include an end to the free fall of wages and pensions, the return of the minimum wage from 586 to 751 euros, the redistribution of state income to the most socially vulnerable and a restructuring of all unsustainable (red) bank loans to businesses and households.

Tsipras pleaded with the SEV leadership not to concur with the non restriction of layoffs and a further decrease in minimum wage. Naturally, he repeated his accusations against the government stating that “the people didn't vote for a government reshuffle, they voted the government out”.

Finally, he again argued that the government has no political legitimacy to make decisions which will affect the country for the next five years, citing as examples the country's debt restructure negotiations and the choices for a new Bank of Greece governor and a new European Commissioner.