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Caryatids Searches for Lost Sister in British Museum

Six beautiful Greek women dressed in white, as other Caryatids, entered the British Museum seeking their lost "sister." Visitors parted to let them through,as cameras flashed and everyone was wondering what was happening, even museum staff.


A very special protest was taking place for the return of the Parthenon Marbles, from the British Museum where they now reside, but do not belong. Along with the girls arrayed in white garments, were internationally renowned soprano Sonia Theodoridou her husband Theodoros Orphanides conductor and composer Pantelis Pavlidis.
The mission, after a coordinated walk in the hall with the sculptures of the Parthenon began to search through the museum for the lost Caryatid. When they found the emotion was indescribable.
The artistic protest - project organizers wanted to be "not just a pebble but boulder in the bridge to allow the sculptures to return to our homeland. We are artists we were not politicians, "as Sonia Theodoridou noted talking to ANA.
Later the mission filled with flags a corner of Hyde Park asking the British to return the Caryatid to the land that gave her birth.
The original protest was part of the actions of «Beautiful Greece» (Beautiful Greece) movement through which Sonia Theodoridou and Theodoros Orphanides have been attracting the world's attention to the positive image of Greece, since 2010.