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Amateur embalmer relegated to mental ward

A forty nine year old woman has been relegated to the Dromokaitio mental hospital after police discovered the embalmed body of her mother in a trunk in her house.

The woman who is a chemist, and knew how to apply the embalming process had not paid rent for many months and the owner of the apartment proceeded to a forced eviction in the presence of police and a prosecutor. It was during the eviction process that police discovered the embalmed remains of the woman's 84 year old mother.

After questioning at police headquarters the 49 year old chemist admitted to embalming her mother so that they would not be parted after death and kept her in the trunk for two years, in a flat that the women rented in Pagrati. The mummified corpse had also been wrapped in tarpaulin and the trunk was also taped over to avoid any telltale odors from alerting neighbors.

After the death of the old woman in 2012, her daughter began living in a hotel room and would visit the flat at odd times. The coroner will now look into the causes of death of the old woman, to discern if there was foul play involved, although a first glance revealed no signs of physical abuse.