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Samaras Asks for Investments from Omogeneia

A call to Greek-American entrepreneurs to invest in Greece, was made by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in a meeting he had, in NY, on Sunday with Greek-American community representatives.

"The country has a strong and stable government supported by two political parties that agree on its European prospect and I invite you to come and see for yourselves that the situation has changed," Samaras said.

The Prime Minister noted that the situation in the greater region is favourable for Greece as reflected by this year's 18 million tourist arrivals.

Mr. Samaras also noted that the country's attitude toward entrepreneurship is changing and is not as reserved as it used to be.

In terms of taxation, Mr. Samaras reiterated his goal for a 15% flat rate tax, which, he said for the time being is impossible because of the present circumstances.