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To Potami Indifferent to Center Left Restructuring

The leader of Potami party Stavros Theodorakis said on Tuesday that he is not interested in the reconstruction of the Centre-Left political powers but is interested in the reconstruction of Greece, instead.


Speaking to Real FM radio, Theodorakis expressed the view that "this country will change if a sizable power in socitey and government takes over... a coalition of 51%".

In reference to the current public and party discussions - junior coalition government partner PASOK party included - regarding the reorganisation of the centre-left segment of the political spectrum, he noted that "instead of heading to better governments, we are reaching worse. We are not usingthe available potential of the country, but instead we are using veteran politicians, making them ministers"

Theodorakis underlined "that's what PASOK should be discussing, not how to re-set up a game in order to be able to be part of the developments".

He did not oppose creating and privatizing a "small PPC" spinoff - under certain conditions - so that competition is introduced in the energy market, in place of the state monopoly.