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To Potami publishes booklet with party program

The first record of the positions of the government program of To Potami became a reality with the publication of the book that bears the eloquent title "Are you of To Potami?"


The innovative idea of Stavros Theodorakis to publicize the views of his party through a book, became reality on Wednesday flesh. The thirty six page book was printed and distributed for free, although party members will accept donations to the sum of two euros to strengthen the party.

The book briefly describes the idea of ​the establishment of the party, on 26 February, and the actions it has taken since. The thanks to the 377,438 votersthat graced the party with their votes and elected two MEPs, are prominentlydisplayed.

The book contains the opinions of the two representatives of the party Miltos Kyrkou and Giorgos Grammatikakis, and the Mayors of Athens Giorgos Kaminis and Thessaloniki Yiannis Boutaris, who expressed their support for the "To Potami" during the founding congress in Lavrio.

The book was printed with the financial assistance of the European socialist which the two MEPs from To Potami joined as collaborating deputies.

To Potami will present its government program on 21 September.