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Ring defrauds state and social security funds

Estimated losses of 5 million euros for social security fund IKA and 7.8 millionwere caused by the activities of a ring that set up dummy companies that faked insurance payments for employees.

The eighteen people indicted are accused of creating dummy companies through which they insured the employees of real companies. Thus the real employers did not have any obligation to insure their employees. However the dummy companies paid none of the social security dues they had accrued. Through a labyrinthine network of overcovering insurance paths, they used five dummy companies to lift the obligation of social security payments for employees of a number of real firms, mostly gyms.

The members of the ring were found to have forged thousands of signatures of employees, while they profitted not just from not paying dues, but also by withholding actual wages from employees. Some of the employees lost their insurance and pension privileges when it was found that they were falsely insured. The employees worked for gyms and cleaning crews.

The accused had set up this scam from 2010 to 2013, under the instructions of a 54 year old accountant, considered by police to be the mastermind of the operation.

Estimated that the State caused by the action of virtual circuit security workers, according to data released by the police after the completion of preliminary investigation on the case. According to police, the case indicted 18 people, including 15 men and three women, aged 22-67 years. Accused had set up from 2010 to 2013 "mechanism" virtual insurance workers, the main participant and a link 54chrono accountant - CFO chain gyms.