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Air pollution responsible for 11,000 deaths per year in Greece

Air pollution was responsible for the death of 11,620 citizens in Greece in 2020. And it is the high concentrations of fine suspended particles with a diameter below 2.5 μm (fine particulate matter – PM 2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone ( O3) that are to blame for all these deaths, according to what European Environment Agency (EEA) scientists noted in their report on "Air Quality in Europe" published today Thursday.

  • Published in Greece

Significant reduction of pollution in Athens

A significant fall in air pollution values has been observed in Athens since the government took precautionary measures to counter the spread of coronavirus, according to data from the Climate Change and Atmospheric Quality Directorate. According to the data, it is evident that the values of the concentrations of pollutants have decreased since last Wednesday and have been significantly affected, especially in the last three days of March 16, 17 and 18, when the measures escalated.

  • Published in Greece

Measures to combat smog

The government announced a set of emergency measure to combat the smog from fireplaces that pose a threat to public health.

  • Published in Greece
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