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Brown bears fall asleep for the winter at Arcturos shelter in Nymfeo

The brown bears in Nymfeo have made their beds and gone to sleep for the winter after the recent colder weather and snow, according to an Arcturos announcement on Friday.
The Arcturos Brown Bear Sanctuary in Nymfeo stopped receiving visitors on Sunday, 17 December as the bears went into hibernation. It is the first time that the bears have entered winter hibernation so early in the 31-year operation of Arcturos.

  • Published in Greece

Arcturos wild animals in need of help due to coronavirus lockdown

The Arcturos wildlife protection organisation, which runs a sanctuary for brown bears in northern Greece, has asked the public for financial support so thatit can continue its operation, due to a sharp drop in revenues as the coronavirus lockdown has stopped  visits to the organisation's facilities.

  • Published in Greece
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