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Arcturos wild animals in need of help due to coronavirus lockdown

Featured Arcturos wild animals in need of help due to coronavirus lockdown

The Arcturos wildlife protection organisation, which runs a sanctuary for brown bears in northern Greece, has asked the public for financial support so thatit can continue its operation, due to a sharp drop in revenues as the coronavirus lockdown has stopped  visits to the organisation's facilities.

According to an Arcturos announcement on Friday, its revenues derive exclusively from visits to the environmental centres, the sales of its products and on subscriptions.  Now that visits to Nymfeo shelter are not allowed, a significant part of this revenue stream has dried up and in the coming months, Arcturos will not have the funds to care for the wildlife and other animals at the shelter.

These currently  include 23 brown bears, 13 wolves, 25 Greek sheep dogs - which are a breed threatened with dying out - and one deer, which are hosted in the shelters at Nymfeo and Agrapidies. The cost of feeding and veterinary care for all the animals is approximately 12,000 euros per month.

"Every animal counts, every day counts, every euro counts," said a campaign launched by Arcturos to collect funds.

Those interested in supporting the mission of the organisation can become members, make a donation or adopt an animal online at https://www.arcturos.gr/gr/summeteho/donation, https://www.arcturos.gr/gr/summeteho/adoption https://www.arcturos.gr/gr/summeteho/membership or can contact Arcturos at the phone number 2386041500.